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Abstracts of posters

MONDAY, August 26, 2013
Session D: Poster
Poster session 2
15:30 - 17:30
Title Authors
D1 Structure of tropane alkaloids from rotational spectra: scopine vs scopoline M. Vallejo-Lópeza, P. Écijab, E. J. Cocinerob, A. Lesarria, F. J. Basterretxeab, J. A. Fernándezb,  F. Castañob.
D2 High resolution infrared spectroscopy of CH2D79Br: Analysis of the ν4 and ν8 interacting fundamental bands A. Baldaccia, R. Visinonia, P. Stoppaa, R. Wugt Larsenb
D3 Infrared absorption by pure CO2 near 3300cm–1: measurements of collisional broadening and shift coefficients and analysis of line-mixing effects at subatmospheric pressures  L. Daneshvar,a T. Földes,b S. Léonis,b J. Buldyreva,a J. Vander Auwerab
D4 Non-Markovian formalism of rotational relaxation of irreducible spherical tensors extended to infrared absorption bands of linear molecules L. Daneshvar, J. Buldyreva
D5 Low-lying quasibound states of H216O T. Szidarovszkya, A. G. Császára,b
D6 SF6: The forbidden band unveiled V. Boudona, L. Manceronb,d, F. Kwabia-Tchanac, P. Royd
D7 The CO2 line shape in the far wing in the 8200-8300 cm-1 spectral region A. A. Solodova,  T. E. Klimeshinab, T. M. Petrovac, O. B. Rodimovad, A. M. Solodove
D8 Gas-phase vibrational spectroscopy of explosive derivatives and safe taggants  A. Cuisseta, G. Moureta, L. Devosa, F. Hindlea, O. Piralib,c, S. Gruetc, B. M. Fischerd
D9 Subkilohertz-narrowed, frequency/phase-locked mid-IR quantum cascade lasers for high-precision molecular spectroscopy F. Cappellia, *, S. Bartalinia, P. Cancioa, I. Gallia, G. Giusfredia, D. Mazzottia, and P. De Natalea
D10 First rovibrational signatures of cyclic (HF)3 in the far infrared region. P. Asselin1, P. Soulard1, M Goubet2, T. R. Huet2, R. Georges3, O. Pirali4, P. Roy4
D11 Electronic degeneracy in the B̃̃1E" state of partially deuterated ammonia C-H Yanga, G. Sarmaa, A. K. Sahaa, D. H. Parkera, C. M. Westernb
D12 Potential energy surface and rotational-vibrational dynamics of the F−CH4 anion complex G. Czakóa, B. J. Braamsb, J. M. Bowmanb, C. Fábria, A. G. Császára
D13 Cavity ring-down spectroscopy with an optical feedback frequency stabilized laser J. Burkart, D. Romanini, S. Kassi
D14 Theoretical evidence for rotational energy cluster formation in the vibrational ground state of SO3 D. S. Underwooda, S. N. Yurchenkoa, J. Tennysona, P. Jensenb
D15 Investigation in the overtone icosad of 13CH4 using jet-CRD spectroscopy C. Manca Tanner, Z. Bjelobrk, M. Quack
D16 Improved spectroscopic parameters of methane in the MIR for atmospheric remote sensing D. Dubravicaa, M. Birkb, F. Hasea, J. Loosb, M. Palmc, A. Sadeghic, G. Wagnerb
D17 Coupling of large-amplitude and small amplitude vibrations in G12 molecules D. S. Perrya, M. B. Dawadia, R. S. Bhattab, S. Twagirayezuc
D18 Rotationally-resolved high-resolution laser spectroscopy and magnetic effect of the 662 nm band of nitrate radical K. Tadaa, W. Kashiharab, S. Kasaharac, M. Babad, T. Ishiwatae, E. Hirotaf
D19 Microwave spectroscopy of trimethylgermanium iodide: Internal dynamics of a highly flexible molecule D. Schmitza, A. Shuberta, T. Betza, W. Jägerb, M. Schnella
D20 Measurement of V-V vibrational relaxation rates in ortho-para collisions in N2 at 77 K by double resonance stimulated Raman spectroscopy D. Bermejo, R. Z. Martínez
D21 High-resolution infrared spectra of polyacetylenes in a supersonic plasma jet D. Zhao, K. Doney, H. Linnartz
D22 Spectroscopy and formation of He2+ L. Augustovičováa, V. Špirkob, W. P. Kraemerc, P. Soldánd
D23 On the ro-vibrational study of “hot” transitions in C2H4: the v7 + v10 - v10 and v10 + v12 - v10 bands O. N. Ulenikova,b,O. V. Gromovaa,b, E. S. Bekhterevaa,b, G. A. Onopenkoc, Yu. S. Aslapovskaya,b, V.-M. Hornemand
D24 The CW-CRDS spectra of non homogeneous 18O enriched isopotologues of ozone in the 6340-6900 cm-1 spectral range: analyses of two new bands. E. Starikovaa,b, A. Barbeb, M.-R. De Backerb, Vl. G. Tyuterevb, D. Mondelainc, S. Kassic, A. Camparguec
D25 Extension of MOL_CT program suite to high orders for polyatomic molecules: application to methane polyads R. Kochanovab,  S. Tashkunb,  Vl. Tyutereva, M. Reya,  A. Nikitinb,  T. Delahayea
D26 Manipulation of electronically excited states of indole M. Wilke, C. Brand, J. Rolf, O. Oeltermann, M. Schmitt
D27 Population transfer and ultrahigh resolution spectroscopy in ammonia: first steps to detect parity violation in chiral molecules P. Dietiker, E. Milogyadov, M. Quack, A. Schneider, G. Seyfang
D28 An isolated line-shape model to go beyond the Voigt profile in spectroscopic databases and radiative transfer codes  H. Trana, D. Lisakb, N. H. Ngoa, J.-M. Hartmanna
D29 Calculations of half-widths, their temperature dependence, and line shifts  for the carbon dioxide-water vapor collision system     R. R. Gamachea, J. Lamourouxb 
D30 Line intensity measurements and electric dipole moment fit of the ν2/ν4 dyad of CH4 through high resolution and high temperature infrared emission spectra M. Louviot,a S. Gruet,b O. Pirali,b J. Vander Auwera,c V. Boudon,a R. Georgesd
D31 Rovibrational interaction and vibrational constants of the symmetric top molecule 14NF3 H. Najib 
D32 A new low temperature long-pass cell for mid-IR to THz spectroscopy at LISA and AILES beamline at SOLEIL F. Kwabia Tchanaa, L. Manceronb,c, Fabrice Willaerta, Leatitia Lagod, Mylène Chapuisc, Xavier Landsheerea, P. Royc, J.-M. Flauda
D33 Optical detection of radiocarbon dioxide: first results and AMS intercomparison I. Gallia*, S. Bartalinia, P. Cancioa,  M. E. Fedib, G. Giusfredia, D. Mazzottia, P. A. Mandòb, and P. De Natalea
D34 The cm-, mm-, and submm-wave spectrum of allyl isocyanide and radioastronomical observations in Orion KL and the Primos line survey I. Haykal a, L. Margulès a, T. R. Huet a, R. A. Motiyenko a, P. Ecija b, E. J. Cocinero b, F. Basterretxea b, J. A. Fernandez b, F. Castano b, A. Lesarri c, J. C. Guillemin d, B. Tercero e, J. Cernicharo e