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Invited Speakers

The following distinguished colleagues have accepted our invitation and present talks during the Colloquium:

Speaker Title
Wolfgang Domcke Jahn-Teller theory beyond the standard model
Martina Havenith-Newen Rock and roll at 0.37 K - high-resolution spectroscopy of microsolvated clusters
Jochen Küpper Controlled molecules for chemical dynamics studies
Samuel Leutwyler Rotational Raman coherence spectroscopy: how to determine accurate structures of non-polar molecules
Brooks H. Pate Broadband molecular rotational spectroscopy
Gerhard Rempe Cold polyatomic molecules: the beginning of a new era?
Amanda Ross Optical spectra of some metal-containing diatomics, seen in the laboratory and through the telescope
Ha Tran Recent results on the modelling of isolated line shapes
Jürgen Troe From quantum-chemistry to dissociation kinetics: what we need to know (Molecular Physics Lecture)
Veronica Vaida Spectroscopy of organic atmospheric chromophores at or near the water-air interface
Minisymposium: Nuclear motion
Edit Mátyus Numerically constructed kinetic energy operators in computational molecular spectroscopy
Gerardo Delgado-Barrio From H5+ to larger protonated hydrogen clusters: PES and dynamics
Roberto Marquardt Spectroscopy and quantum dynamics of copper nitrosyl
Minisymposium: Small jet-cooled molecules
A. R. W. McKellar Infrared spectroscopy of jet-cooled dimers, trimers, and larger clusters
Robert Georges Probing rarefied gas expansions by direct absorption FTIR spectroscopy
Carine Manca Tanner Intramolecular processes and high-resolution cavity ring-down spectroscopy of supersonic jet expansions
Minisymposium: Rare isotope detection
Frank Hase Recent progress in remote sensing of tropospheric water vapor isotopomers
Livio Gianfrani Advances in laser-based isotope ratio measurements
Pablo Cancio Pastor Precision and high sensitivity molecular spectroscopy with frequency comb based sources in the mid-IR
Minisymposium: Young speakers
Gary E. Douberly High-resolution Stark Spectroscopy of OH containing complexes in helium nanodroplets
Olivier Pirali Far-infrared Fourier transform spectroscopy on the AILES beamline of synchrotron SOLEIL
Stephen D. Hogan Experiments with cold, trapped Rydberg atoms and molecules