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General information concerning registration:

  • Registration should be made online only following the link below.
  • Yon can read here futher information about the credit card payment.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: Are meals included in the fees?
    A: As usual, breakfasts are included in the hotel price. The registration fee includes lunches in the hotel.
  • Q: Is it possible to share a room?
    A: Absolutely. To make the Colloquium more affordable for participants, we reserved double and triple rooms in the two hotels on Margitsziget (they are right next to each other). If two share a room, the price per person is half of the room price, while if three share a room, the price is one third of the room price. During the registration process please indicate whom you'd like to share a room with.
  • Q: Will all browsers work equally well during the registration process?
    A: Unfortunately, the answer seems to be no. If possible, please use Chrome. Firefox also works well. However, certain versions of Internet Explorer caused problems to some colleagues (e.g., the link to the registration page is missing).

Registration fees:

ParticipantEarly bird
(before April 1)
(after April 1)
(after August 25)
Regular participant390 €480 €550 €
Student320 €390 €440 €
Accompanying person110 €110 €110 €

You can now go to the registration page =>