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Scientific Program

As before, we hope to attract a wide range of interests from all fields related to high-resolution molecular spectroscopy.

As before, the Colloquium is centered around discussions during the poster sessions. This is by far the most important element of this conference series and we hope that lively discussions will emerge during the poster sessions.

The following regularly featured topics of the Colloquium will all be represented by distinguished speakers from all around the world:
  • Lineshape theory
  • Molecular clusters
  • Spectroscopy of biosystems
  • Molecular dynamics
  • Metrology and fundamental physics
  • Cold molecules
Furthermore, the following four "Special topics" minisymposia are organized during the Colloquium featuring outstanding speakers both from Europe and around the world:
  • Nuclear motions
  • Small jet-cooled molecules
  • Rare isotope detection
  • Young speakers' session