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Abstracts of posters

THURSDAY, August 29, 2013
Session L: Poster
Poster session 6
10:30 - 12:30
Title Authors
L1 Theoretical hot methane line lists up to 2000 K for astrophysical applications M. Reya, A. V. Nikitinb, Vl. G. Tyutereva
L2 Latest results from FANTASIO+ concerning vibrational overtone excitation of van der Waals complexes T. Földes, C. Lauzin, K. Didriche, T. Vanfleteren, M. Herman
L3 The ab initio intermolecular potential of Ar-C2H2 refined using high-resolution spectroscopic data C. Lauzin,a L.H. Coudert,b M. Herman,a J. Liévina
L4 Sub-THz frequency synthesizer based on a femtosecond-laser comb: the spectrum purity demonstration D. S. Makarov, M. Yu. Tretyakov, A. P. Shkaev, A. M. Kiselev, A. N. Stepanov, V. V. Parshin
L5 The adsorption of chlorotrifluoroethene on titanium dioxide surface studied by DRIFT spectroscopy and periodic ab initio calculations D. Moroa, N. Tasinatoa, P. Stoppaa, P. Toninelloa, A. Pietropolli Charmeta, S. Giorgiannia
L6 Development of an infrared absorption spectrometer based on new generation of quantum cascade laser diode in external cavity: application for kinetic studies C. Stoefflera, L. Jolya, J. Cousina, E. Rotha, G. Durrya, A. Chakira
L7 High accuracy ab initio calculations of energy levels of HCN O. L. Polyanskya,b, L. Lodib, J. Tennysonb, A. A. Kyuberisa,  N. F. Zobova 
L8 On the ”expanded local mode” approach applied to the methane molecule: isotopic substitution CH3D ←CH4 and CHD3 ←CH4 O.  N. Ulenikova,b,c, E.  S. Bekhterevaa,b,c, A. L. Fomchenkoc,d,  A.G. Litvinovskayac, C. Leroyd, M. Quacka 
L9 Line-shape study of self-broadened carbon monoxide transitions from the (3←0) band measured with cavity ring-down spectroscopy S. Wójtewicz, K. Stec, P. Masłowski, A. Cygan, D. Lisak *, R.S. Trawiński, R. Ciuryło
L10 High resolution study of  13CH3D in the region of 2000-2700 cm-1 O. N. Ulenikova,b,c, E. S. Bekhterevaa,b,c, O. V. Gromovaa,b,c, V.-M. Hornemand, S. Alberta, S. Bauereckera,e, and  M. Quacka
L11 A prediction algorithm for CO2 line-shape parameters for spectroscopic databases R. R. Gamachea, J. Lamourouxb, D. W. Schwenkec, X. Huangc, T. J. Leec, L. S. Rothmand, I. E. Gordond
L12 High resolution study of 76GeH4 in the dyad region O.  N. Ulenikova, E.  S. Bekhterevaa, N. I. Raspopovaa,  P. G. Sennikovb, M. A. Koshelevb,c, I. A. Velmuzhovb, A. P. Velmuzhovb
L13 Fourier-transform spectroscopy and point-eise potentials of the B(1)1Π states in KCs and RbCs R. Ferber, I. Birzniece, O. Docenko, Z. Harceva, O. Nikolayeva, M. Tamanis
L14 Nuclear quadrupole coupling constants of 4-aminobenzonitrile measured with broadband rotational spectroscopy  S. Zinna,b,c, J. B. Graneeka,b, T. Betza,b,c, M. Schnella,b,c
L15 High resolution microwave and infrared spectroscopy supplemented by anharmonic DFT calculations as tools for the structural determination of two di-aza-naphthalene: [1,5]- and [1,6]-naphthyridine. S. Grueta,b, M. Goubetc, O. Piralia,b
L16 Quasibound dimers formed in collisions of different molecules: classical trajectory study and spectroscopic manifestations S. V. Ivanov
L17 Concerted proton transfer and conformational equilibria in bi-molecules of carboxylic acids W. Caminatia, L. Evangelistia, G. Fenga, Q. Goua, A. Maris, a L. B. Faverob, E. Cocineroc, P. Ejicac, F. Castañoc, A. Lesarrid, R. Meyere
L18 Synchrotron-based highest resolution FTIR spectroscopy of azulene, naphthalene (C10H8), indole (C6H8N)  and biphenyl (C12H10)   S. Alberta, P. Lerchb, M. Quacka
L19 OFC-assisted PDH-locked FS-CRDS line-shape measurements of oxygen B-band transitions S. Wójtewicz, A. Cygan, P. Masłowski, J. Domysławska, D. Lisak, R. S. Trawiński, R. Ciuryło
L20 FCO2 under the KDC model Hamiltonian T. Uhlíkováa, S. Urbana
L21 Millimeter wave spectroscopy of CH3ReO3 T. R. Huet a, L. Margulès a, R. Motiyenko a
L22 Dynamic registration of D216O absorption spectrum in Silica Aerogel A. A. Lugovskoya, L. N. Sinitsaa,b, N. N. Lavrentievaa 
L23 Zeeman spectroscopy of NiH : Landé factors for three Omega =3/2 electronic states H. Harker, C. Richard, P. Crozet, G. Tourasse and A. J.  Ross
L24 The electronic spectrum of tantalum hydride and deuteride T. D. Varberga, S. Y. Leea, C. R. Christophera, K. J. Mankea, T. R. Vervoorta
L25 An improved implementation of MARVEL T. Furtenbachera,b, A. G. Császára,b
L26 High temperature source of pulsed supersonic beam of vdW complexes: from principle of operation to rotational structure in CdAr T. Urbanczyka, J. Koperskia
L27 Overtone spectroscopy of methanol: supersonic-jet diode-laser spectra of OH-stretch overtone 2n1 V. Horká-Zelenkováa, P. Pracnaa, V. Svobodaa, O. Votava, a
L28 First measurements of N2O-self-broadening coefficients in the 0001-0000- and 0002-0000-bands V. Werweina, J. Brunzendorfa, A. Rauscha, A. Serdyukova, O. Werhahna, V. Eberta,b
L29 High-resolution spectroscopy of difference and combination bands of SF6 to elucidate hot band structures in the ν3 region.  A. Le Vena, M. Fayea, V. Boudona, L. Manceronb,d, P. Asselinb, P. Soulardb, F. Kwabia-Tchanac, P. Royd
L30 Investigation of the A1Σ+ state in the LiCs molecule  A. Grocholaa, J. Szczepkowskib, W. Jastrzebskib, P.Kowalczyka
L31 Enantiomer identification of mixtures of chiral molecules with molecular jets and broadband microwave spectroscopy V. A. Shubert,a David Schmitz,a David Patterson,b John M. Doyle,b Melanie Schnellc
L32 Diode laser spectroscopy of methane at 1.65 µm for the Merlin lidar mission V. Zéninaria, B. Parvittea, R. Vallona, S. Berthierb, F. Gibertb, P. Flamantb
L33 Absolute frequency stabilization of an extended-cavity diode laser by noise-immune cavity-enhanced optical heterodyne molecular spectroscopy H. Dinesan, E. Fasci, G. Casa, A. Castrillo, L. Gianfrani
L34 Quasi-relativistic treatment of the low-lying KRb states V. V. Meshkov, A. A. Medvedev, E. A. Pazyuk, A. V. Stolyarov
L35 Shaping complicated ab initio potential energy surfaces from the bottom of the well to the dissociation limit: application to the ozone PES R. Kochanov,a,b    Vl. Tyutereva
L36 Time-resolved FTIR study of high-L Rydberg states of Li, Ca, Mg and Sr atoms S. Civiša, M. Ferusa, V. E. Chernova,b, E. M. Zanozinaa,c, L. Juhac
L37 Lone–Pairπ interactions are competitive with weak hydrogen bond and halogen bond: the rotational spectrum of chlorotrifluoroethylene–water W. Caminati, L. Evangelisti, G. Feng, Q. Gou
L38 High resolution infrared study of CH281BrF in the range 920 – 1370 cm-1: rovibrational analysis and resonances of ν3, ν4, ν8, ν9 fundamentals and ν56 combination band P. Stoppaa, R. Visinonia, A. Baldaccia, N. Tasinatoa, A. Pietropolli Charmeta, S. Giorgiannia, F. Kollipostb, R. Wugt Larsenc
L39 The water vapor self-continuum by CRDS at room temperature in the 1.6 µm transparency window  D. Mondelain, A. Aradj, S. Kassi, A. Campargue