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Abstracts of posters

WEDNESDAY, August 28, 2013
Session J: Poster
Poster session 5
10:30 - 12:30
Title Authors
J1 Water molecule complex study: experiment and ab initio calculations of rovibrational levels and dissociation energy  M. A. Kosheleva, D. S. Makarova, N. F. Zobova, O. V. Boyarkinb, O. Aseevb, O. L. Polyanskya,c, L. Lodic
J2 Accurate structures of PAHs and aza-derivatives using anharmonic DFT calculations M. Goubeta, O. Piralib,c, S. Gruetb,c
J3 High resolution terahertz and far-infrared spectroscopy of SOCl2 M. A. Martin-Drumela, A. Cuisseta, G. Moureta, F. Hindlea, O. Piralib
J4 Dispersed fluorescence spectroscopy of jet cooled NO3 Radicals M. Fukushima,  T. Ishiwata
J5 A global analysis of bending states up to ν4 + ν5 = 3 of acetylenes isotopologues 12C13CD2, 12C2HD and 13C2HD L. Fusina a, F.Tamassia a, M. Villa a, E. Canè a, L. Doreb, C. Degli Espostib, G. Di Lonardo a
J6 Isotopic effects in the theoretical methane intensities : 13CH4, 12CH3D and 12CD4 M. Reya, A. V. Nikitinb, Vl. G. Tyutereva
J7 Femto-FT-CEAS experiments D. Golebiowski,a T. Földes,a M. Herman,a G. Di Lonardo,b L. Fusinab
J8 Water dimer millimeter wave spectrum at atmospheric conditions: simple model for practical purposes T. A. Odintsovaa, M. Yu. Tretyakova, and C. Leforestierb
J9 Observation of combination bands involving intermolecular vibration of N2O-N2, N2O-OCS and N2O-CO2 complexes using an external cavity quantum cascade laser M. Rezaeia, S. Sheybani-Delouia, N. Moazzen-Ahmadia, A. R. W. McKellarb
J10 Line-by-line parameters of self- and foreign-broadened CH2F2 ro-vibrational transitions in the 8.3 micron region and the dissociation energy of (CH2F2)2 N. Tasinatoa, A. Turchettoa, P. Stoppaa, A. Pietropolli Charmeta, S. Giorgiannia
J11 Systematization of Published Spectral Data on N2O and OCS molecules and Isotopologues  N. N. Lavrentieva, S. S. Voronina, A. I. Privezentsev, A. Z. Fazliev
J12 Vibrational calculation of highly excited rovibrational energy levels of H2O2 O. L. Polyanskya, I. N. Kozinb, R. I. Ovsyannikovb, P. Małyszekc,   J. Koputc, J. Tennysona, S. N. Yurchenkoa
J13 On the improvement of the rotational structure of the 13CH3D Ground Vibrational State O.  N. Ulenikova,b, E.  S. Bekhterevaa,b, Yu. V. Krivchikovab,  I. A. Konovb, V.-M. Hornemanc
J14 Assessment of trust in expert data sources for atmospheric spectroscopy O. V.Naumenko, A. I.Privezentsev, N. A.Lavrentiev, A. Z. Fazliev
J15  Spectroscopy of CH5+ O. Asvany, A. Potapov, S. Brünken, S. Schlemmer
J16 A global approach to spectral analysis for precision determination of molecular spectroscopic parameters P. Amodio, L. Moretti, A. Castrillo, D. Di Serafino, and L. Gianfrani
J17 Spectroscopy of ammonia in the range 6622 to 6805 cm-1: using temperature dependence towards a complete list of lower state energy transitions. aP. Cacciani, bP. Cermak, aJ. Cosléou, aM. Khelkhal
J18 Hierarchies of intramolecular vibration-rotation dynamical processes in acetylene up to 13,000 cm-1 D. S. Perry, J. Martens, B. Amyay, M. Herman
J19 Laser absorption spectroscopy of methane at 2.3 µm P. Čermáka, J. Hovorkaa, P. Veisa, P. Caccianib, J. Cosléoub, J. El Romhb, M. Khelkhalb
J20 Improving the JANAF thermodynamic data for ammonia and phosphine at high temperatures  C. Sousa-Silvaa, N. Hesketha, S. N. Yurchenkoa, C. Hilla , J. Tennysona,
J21 Ultra-precise molecular spectroscopy data analysis for the low-pressures range P. Wcisłoa, A. Cygan, D. Lisak, R. Ciuryło
J22 First analysis of the B1Σ+(v = 1) Rydberg state in the rare 12C17O isotopologue on the basis of the 1–v" progression of the Ångström band system R. Hakallaa, W. Szajna, M. Zachwieja, R. Kępa, I. Piotrowska, M. Ostrowska-Kopeć, P. Kolek
J23 Perturbation in the E1Π (v = 0) state in the AlH molecule W. Szajnaa, R. Hakalla, M. Zachwieja, R. Kępa, I. Piotrowska, M. Ostrowska-Kopeć, P. Kolek
J24 Use of EIT- and N-resonances to study decoupling of electronic J and nuclear I momentums of 85Rb R. Mirzoyan1,2, C. Leroy2, Y. Pashayan-Leroy2, A. Sargsyan1, D. Sarkisyan1
J25 Investigation  of the highest  bound ro-vibrational states of H3+, DH2+, HD2+,  D3+,  and T3+: use of a non-direct product basis to compute the highest allowed J>0 states. R. Jaqueta 
J26 Optimization of an external-cavity Quantum Cascade spectrometer at 7.5 µm for gas spectroscopy R. Vallona, D. Mammeza, M. Carrasb, B. Parvittea, V. Zéninaria
J27 ExoMol molecular line lists for exoplanetary atmospheres. The C3 molecule R. Diamantopouloua, J. Tennysona, S. N. Yurchenkoa and the ExoMol teama
J28 An intercomparison of measured pressure-broadening and pressure shifting parameters of carbon dioxide R. R. Gamachea, J. Lamourouxb,  V. Blot-Lafonc, E. F. Lopesa
J29 Fourier Transform Far-Infrared Spectroscopy of HN2+  on the AILES Beamline of Synchrotron SOLEIL  S. Grueta,b, O. Piralia,b, M. Vervloetb
J30 A first-principles study of the rovibrational states of H5+ and its isotopologues J. Sarkaa,b, C. Fábria, A. G. Császára,b
J31 Broadening and shifting of HF absorption lines perturbed by argon: stringent test of the classical impact theory S. V. Ivanova, O. G. Buzykinb
J32 High resolution laser threshold ionization spectroscopy of jet-cooled metallocenes and related organometallics S. Yu. Ketkova, H. L. Selzleb 
J33 A 1010 line list for CH4 S. N. Yurchenko, J. Tennyson
J34 Tunneling and tunneling switching dynamics in phenol, o-D-phenol and      m-D-phenol:  FTIR spectroscopy with synchrotron radiation and theory S. Alberta, P. Lerchb, R. Prentnera and M. Quacka
J35 Stark splittings experiment of electronically excited states of indole derivatives J. Rolf, C. Brand, M. Wilke, M. Schmitt
J36 A theoretical line list for the hydrogen sulphide molecule A. A. A. Azzam a,b, L. Lodi a, S. N. Yurchenko a, J. Tennyson a
J37 Reduced and n−type doped TiO2 anatase: room temperature self−operating convertor of CO2 and OCS C. Svatopluk
J38 Recent advances in cavity ring-down spectroscopy with high-bandwidth locking and frequency scanning techniques J. T. Hodgesa, D. A. Longa, R. D. van Zeea, G.-W. Truonga, b, S. Wójtewicza, c, D. Lisakc, A. Cygana,c, K. Bielskaa,c, R. Ciuryłoc
J39 Laser induced amplified spontaneous emission from the f’0g+(1D) ion-pair state of I2  T. Ishiwataa, H. Fujiwaraa, M. Fukushimaa, S. Hoshinob, M. Arakib, K. Tsukiyamab
J40 High resolution broadband terahertz spectroscopy using a frequency multiplier chain O. Zakharenkoa, R. A. Motiyenkoa, L. Margulèsa, T. R. Huet a