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Abstracts of posters

TUESDAY, August 27, 2013
Session F: Poster
Poster session 3
10:30 - 12:30
Title Authors
F1 The CW-CRDS spectrum of 17O enriched water between 5850 and 6670 cm-1 : more than 700 newly determined energy levels of H217O and HD17O S. Mikhailenkoa,b, O. Leshchishinac, D. Mondelainc, S. Kassic, A. Camparguec
F2 Vibrational dependence of potential  parameters for H2O – He system T. M. Petrovaa, A. M. Solodovb A. A. Solodovc,  V. I. Starikovd
F3 A hybrid variation-perturbation method for calculating vibrational energy levels of a polyatomic molecule A.I. Pavlyuchkoa,b, S.N. Yurchenkob, Jonathan Tennysonb
F4 Pgopher 8.0 – force field analysis and other recent additions C. M. Westerna 
F5 IR spectroscopy of allyl radicals in helium nanodroplets D. Habiga, D. Leichtb, G. Schwaabc, M. Havenithd
F6 The A1ΠuX1Σg+ electronic transition system of C3 D. Zhaoa, M. A. Haddadb, W. Ubachsb, H. Linnartza
F7 Sulfur-containing flavors: gas phase structures of dihydro-2-methyl-3-thiophenone H. Mouhiba, V. Vanb, W. Stahlc
F8 Temperature variations of the CO2 interaction-induced rototranslational absorption derived from CCSD(T) potential energy and induced dipole moment surfaces I. A. Buryak,a Yu. N. Kalugina,b and A. A. Vigasina
F9 IR-Spectrum of NC4111 NTf2 in helium droplets K. Hankea, T. Salmi, G. Schwaabb, M. Havenithc
F10 High resolution analysis of the FTIR spectra of CHF3: the ν3 fundamental band and the strongly coupled bands ν2, ν5, and ν36 I. B. Bolotovaa, O. N. Ulenikova,b,c, E.S. Bekhterevaa,b,c, S. Alberta, S. Bauereckerad, H. Hollensteina  , M. Quacka
F11 Observations of atmospheric greenhouse gases with a Fourier transform spectrometer onboard GOSAT (Greenhouse Gases Observing SATellite) I. Morinoa, M. Inouea, K. Nakamaea, N. Kikuchia, Y. Yoshidaa, O. Uchinoa, T. Yokotaa
F12 Accurate (ro)vibrational energy levels of the C2 molecule I. Szabóa, S. Yurchenkob, J. Tennysonb, A. G. Császára
F13 New observations and spectroscopic studies of the fourth – positive ()   band system of 12C16O   I. Piotrowska a, M. Ostrowska-Kopeć, R. Kępa, M. Zachwieja, P. Kolek, R. Hakalla, W. Szajna 
F14 On the molecular geometry of the FCO radical J. Kouckýa, P. Kaniab, T. Uhlíkovác, H. Beckersd, H. Willnere, and Š. Urbanf
F15 High resolution spectroscopy of PAHs and derivatives using a room temperature long pathlength cell and the Jet-AILES experiments S. Grueta,b, O. Piralia,b, M. Goubetc, T. R. Huetc, R. Georgesd, P. Soularde, P. Asseline
F16 High-accuracy molecular spectroscopy with frequency comb-linked mid-infrared continuous-wve optical parametric oscillator J. Peltolaa,b, M. Vainioa,b, T. Fordella, M. Merimaaa and L. Halonenb
F17 CH4, C2H6, and C3H8 collisional broadening coefficients of H2O at 2.7 µm for natural gas online quality monitoring J. A. Nwaboh, O. Werhahn, V. Ebert
F18 Infrared absorption by molecular gases as a probe of nanoporous xerogel and molecule-surface collisions J. Vander Auwera,a N. H. Ngo,b H. El Hamzaoui,c B. Capoen,c M. Bouazaoui,c P. Ausset,b C. Boulet,d J.-M. Hartmann,b 
F19 Synchrotron-based study of the far IR spectrum of silacyclobutane Z. Chen, C. W. Van Dijk, S. Harder and  J. van Wijngaardena
F20 Rotational spectra in service of particle physics: Zeeman & hyperfine effects R. J Mawhorter,a A. L. Baum,a Z. Glassmann,a B. Girodas,a T. Sears,b N. E. Shafer-Ray,c L. Alphei,d J.-U. Grabowd
F21 Molecular dynamics of state-selected molecules fixed in space S. Trippela, T. G. Mullinsa, N. L.M. Müllera, J. Kienitza,c,  J. Küppera,b,c
F22 Pressure broadening of oxygen lines in the 60-GHz band: effects of perturber and temperature M. A. Koshelev, I. N. Vilkov, D. S. Makarov, and M. Yu. Tretyakov
F23 Multispectrum fit of non-Voigt lineshape in the H2O v2 band J. Loosa, M. Birka, G. Wagnera 
F24 Pressure broadening and shift coefficients of the 2ν1 and (ν135)1e bands of C2HD by N2  C. K. Ayouba, M. J. Belloa, M. J. Bluma, L. L. Chaua, M. J. Chena, R. J. Hansena, J. L. Hardwicka,b, etc.
F25 The rotationally resolved infrared spectrum of fluorobenzene (C6H5F) between 600 and 1200 cm-1: FTIR spectroscopy with synchrotron radiation  Sieghard Alberta, P. Lerchb, M. Quacka
F26 UV photon stimulated desorption of  interstellar ices analogues J. Rakovskya, M. Bertina,  E. C. Fayolleb, C. Romanzinc, K. I. Öbergd, X. Michauta, A. Moudensa, L. Philippea, P. Jesecka, H. Linnartzb, J.-H. Filliona
F27 Ab initio molecular dynamic simulations of line-mixing effects in CO2 infrared and Raman bands. J. Lamourouxa, J.-M. Hartmanna, H. Trana, B. Lavorelb, M. Snelsc, S. Stefanid, G. Piccionid
F28 New features in the 3D-applet of the forthcoming MOGADOC update J. Vogt, E. Popov, R. Rudert, N. Vogt
F29 HITRAN2012. Part I: Overview L. S. Rothmana, I. E. Gordona, HITRAN contributors and validatorsb
F30 HITRAN2012. Part II: Closer look at the data I. E. Gordona, L. S. Rothmana, HITRAN contributors and validatorsb
F31 A new continuous-wave mid-infrared stimulated emission experiment beyond the Doppler limit M. Siltanena, M. Metsäläa, M. Vainioa,b, L. Halonena
F32 Fourier-transform absorption spectroscopy of H216O and H218O with LED sources between 15 000 and 16 000 cm-1 L. N. Sinitsaa,c, S. N. Mikhailenkoa,b, V. I. Serdyukova, S. S. Vasil΄chenkoa
F33 New millimetre-wave study of the para-N2–CO van der Waals complex L. A. Surina,b, A. Potapova, V. A. Panfilovb, S. Schlemmera
F34 High-resolution stimulated Raman spectroscopy and analysis of the ν15, ν2 and ν3 bands of C2H4 H. Aouididia, A. Ballandrasb, M. Cirtogc, M. Rotgera, D. Bermejod, R. Z. Martínezd, J. L. Doménechd, V. Boudon
F35 The Boltzmann constant from the shape of a H218O spectral line Castrillo, L. Moretti, E. Fasci, M.D. De Vizia, G. Casa, and L. Gianfrani
F36 Experimental accuracy from first principles: HF, CO and N2 diatomics  L. Lodia,c, O. L. Polyanskya,b,d, J. Tennysona,e, N. F. Zobovb,f
F37 Millimeter and sub-millimeter wave spectra of HCOO13CH3 in vt = 0 and 1. I. Haykal a, L. Margulès a, T. R. Huet a, R. A. Motiyenko a, M. Carvajal b, I. Kleiner, J. C. Guillemin, B. Tercero, J. Cernicharo
F38 One-photon mass-analyzed threshold ionization spectroscopy of (cycloheptatrienyl)(cyclopentadienyl)chromium S. Ketkova, H. Selzleb, H. Braunschweigc, M. Fussc, L. Kalakutskayaa
F39 Carbon monoxide total columns over Paris (Creteil-France): diurnal and seasonal variations and comparison with correlative MOPITT observations  P. Chelina, Z. Bourakkadia, T. Frataccia, C. Viattea*, M. Raya, J. Cuestaa, F. Haseb, J. Orphalb, J.-M. Flauda