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Abstracts of posters

TUESDAY, August 27, 2013
Session H: Poster
Poster session 4
15:30 - 17:30
Title Authors
H1 High sensitivity cavity ring down spectroscopy of NO2 between 7760 and 7917 cm-1  A. A. Lukashevskayaa, O. V. Naumenkoa, A. Perrinb, D. Mondelainc, S. Kassic, A. Camparguec
H2 Conformer-specific reactions with Coulomb-crystallized ions D. Röscha, D. Wilda, S. Willitscha, Y.-P. Changb, K. Długołeckib, J. Küpperb,c,d
H3 Complex Robert-Bonamy line shape parameters for N2-broadening of water using accurate ab initio rovibrational wavefunctions J. L. Lamourouxa,b, R. R. Gamacheb, D. W. Schwenkec
H4 A benchmark study of molecular structure by gas-phase electron diffraction (GED) and microwave spectroscopy (MW) methods and coupled-cluster computations N. Vogt
H5 Internal rotation and 14N quadrupole coupling in N,N-diethylacetamide H. V. L. Nguyena, R. Kannengießera
H6 Highly sensitive Fourier-transform absorption spectroscopy with LED sources L. N. Sinitsa a,b, V. I. Serdyukov a, S. S. Vasil’chenko a
H7 Ab initio and model-Hamiltonian study of the torsional variation of the CH stretching normal modes in methanol L.-H. Xua, J. T. Hougenb, R. M. Leesa
H8 New millimetre-wave study of the NH3–CO van der Waals complex L. A. Surina,b, A. A. Dolgovb, A. Potapova, V. A. Panfilovb, S. Schlemmera
H9 Exomol: molecular line lists for astrophysical applications. A theoretical line list for scandium hydride L. Lodia,b, S. N. Yurchenkoa,c, J. Tennysona,d
H10 Low-pressure verification of collisional coupling models of the molecular oxygen 60-GHz band D. S. Makarov, M. A. Koshelev, I. N. Vilkov, M. Yu. Tretyakov
H11 Coupled large amplitude motions: a case study of the dimethylbenzaldehyde isomers M. Tudoriea*, I. Kleinera, M. Jahnb, J.-U. Grabowb, M. Goubetc, O. Piralid,e
H12 Inversion – torsional motion in the ethyl radical M. Kręglewskia, I. Gulaczyka
H13 The conformational landscape of bioactive serinol M. E. Sanza, Isabel Peñab, S. Matab, C. Cabezasb, J. L. Alonsob
H14 Terahertz rotational spectroscopy of the SO radical M. A. Martin-Drumela, A. Cuisseta, G. Moureta, F. Hindlea, O. Piralib
H15 Fourier transform spectroscopy of the A1Σ+ and b3Π states in RbCs: observation of “dark” b3Π0+ levels below the A1Σ+ state M. Tamanisa, A. Kruzinsa, K. Alpsa, O. Docenkoa, I. Klincarea, R. Ferbera, E. A. Pazyukb, A.V. Stolyarovb
H16 High−Energy Chemistry of Formamide: A Simpler Way for Nucleobase Formation M. Ferusa,b, S. Civiša, , J. E. Šponerováb, J. Šponerb, R. Michalčíkováa, V. Shestivskáa
H17 Laser Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy of the SiCN A 2Delta – X 2Π system: The spin-orbit constant of the A2Delta state M. Fukushima,    T. Ishiwata
H18 Inelastic scattering of CN radical with para- and ortho-H2 Yu. N. Kaluginaa,b, F. Liquea, J. Kłosc
H19 The IR spectrum of DCCF in the 320 - 850 cm-1 region:  bending states up to v4 + v5 = 3  M. Villa a, E. Canè a, L. Fusina a, H. Bürger b, M. Litz b
H20 Absolute frequency measurements of CH3I and CH4 rovibrational transitions by a frequency-comb-referenced optical parametric oscillator I. Ricciardia, S. Moscaa,V. Di Sarnoa, P. Maddalonia, M. Parisia, L. Santamariaa, M. De Rosaa, J.-J. Zondyb, P. De Natalec
H21 First-principles calculations of the methane spectra in the infrared up to 9300 cm-1 M. Reya, A. V. Nikitinb, Vl. G. Tyutereva
H22 Rovibrational eigenenergy structure of the [H,C,N] molecular system G. Ch. Mellaua 
H23 A high-resolution database for the vibration-rotation spectrum of acetylene (0 – 8022 cm–1) B. Amyay,a A. Fayt,b M. Herman,a R. Georges,c J. Vander Auwera a
H24 Self-broadening coefficients of transitions of CH3F D. Jacquemart, M. Guinet, M. Dahm, N. Lacome
H25 Highly correlated ab initio far infrared spectra of molecules with large amplitude torsional modes: dimethyl ether, methyl acetate and propane M. Carvajala, M.L. Senentb, R. Domínguez-Gómezc, M. Villad, I. Kleinere
H26 Temperature dependence of CO2-broadening coefficients of lines in the ν4 band of CH4 M. Dhynea, F. Maldaguea, L. Fissiauxa, J.-C. Populairea, A.-C. Vandaele b, M. Lepèrea.
H27 Diode-laser spectroscopy : N2-broadening coefficients for hot bands of CO2 near 650 cm-1 M. Dhynea, P. Kongolo b, M. Lepèrea
H28 N2-collisional shift coefficients of lines in the ν3 band of methane at low temperatures – Work in progress B. Vispoela, J.-C. Populairea, M. Lepèrea
H29 Untangling the overtone spectra using the two-temperature technique  in supersonic  jets:  methane and ammonia O. Votavaa, P. Pracnaa, V. Svobodaa,b, and M. Fárník
H30 Water dimer detection at ambient conditions M. Yu. Tretyakov, M. A. Koshelev, E. A. Serov, V. V. Parshin
H31 The ν12+ν6 - ν6 and ν11 - ν12 bands of 12CH313CH3: A frequency analysis including data from the four lowest vibrational states N. Moazzen-Ahmadia, J. Norooz Oliaeea, V.-M. Hornemanb
H32 From the quantum number dependence to a complete listing of sulfur dioxide self broadening coefficients for atmospheric applications by coupling infrared and microwave spectroscopy to semiclassical calculations N. Tasinatoa, A. Pietropolli Charmeta, P. Stoppaa, G. Buffab, C. Puzzarinic
H33 Calculation of rotation−vibration energy levels of the water molecule with near-experimental accuracy based on an ab initio potential energy surface O. L. Polyanskya,b, L. Lodib, J. Tennysonb, A. A. Kyuberisa, N. F. Zobova
H34  Spectrum of HD16O for investigation of the terrestrial planets atmospheres  N. N. Lavrentievaa, B. A. Voronina, O. V. Naumenkoa, Yu. G. Borkova, A. A. Fedorovab,c  
H35 MARVEL analysis of the measured rovibrational spectra of D216O, D218O, and D217O N. Dénesa,b, T. Furtenbachera, T. Szidarovszkya,b, A. G. Császára,b, O. Naumenkoc, J. Tennysond
H36 A high resolution analysis of “forbidden” vibrational bands of C2H4: the ν8 + ν10 band  O. N. Ulenikova,b,O. V. Gromovaa,b E. S. Bekhterevaa,b, Yu. V. Chertovkihb, V. A. Zamotaevab, V.-M. Hornemanc
H37 A high resolution FTIR spectroscopic study of  13CH4  from 1100 to 3300 cm-1 O. V. Gromovaa,b,c,  O. N. Ulenikova,b,c, E. S. Bekhterevaa,b,c, S. Alberta, V.Boudond, S. Bauereckera,e, H.-M. Niederera,   M. Quacka
H38 Verification of experimental vibrational - rotational transitions of hydrogen sulfide and its isotopologues between 0 and 16500 cm-1 based on an effective Hamiltonian approach and variational computations O.V. Naumenkoa, E. R. Polovtsevaa, A. Campargueb, A. G. Császárc, J. Tennysond, S. N. Yurchenkod, S.-M. Hue, V.-M. Hornemanf, L.R. Browng, A.-W. Liue, A.A.A. Azzamd, A.D. Bykova, A. Z. Fazlieva,  T. Furtenbacherc, S. S. Voroninaa
H39 Terahertz spectroscopy of hydrogen sulphide A. A. A. Azzama,b, S. N. Yurchenkoa, J. Tennysona,  M. Martin-Drumelc,d,e , O. Piralic,d
H40 Perturbative treatment of kinetic coupling terms in the Eckart-Watson Hamiltonian C. Fábria,b, T. Furtenbacherb,c, A. G. Császárb,c