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Abstracts of posters

MONDAY, August 26, 2013
Session B: Poster
Poster session 1 10:30 - 12:30 Title Authors
B1 Experimental studies, line-shape analysis and theoretical modelling of broadening coefficients for CH3Cl-CO2 submillimeter transitions A. S. Dudaryonoka, N. N. Lavrentievaa, J. V. Buldyrevab, L. Margulèsc, R. A. Motiyenkoc, F. Rohartc
B2 Temperature dependence of CH335Cl and CH337Cl air-broadening coefficients by a semi-classical approach J. Buldyreva
B3 Temperature dependence of CH3Cl self-broadening coefficients A.S. Dudaryonoka, N.N. Lavrentievaa, J.V. Buldyrevab
B4 Cavity mode-width spectroscopy with widely tunable ultra narrow laser A. Cygan, D. Lisak, P. Morzyński, M. Bober, M. Zawada, R. Ciuryło
B5 Vibrational spectrum and gas-phase structure of disulfur dinitride, S2N2 A. Perrin a, A. F. Antognini,b X. Zeng,c H. Beckers,d H. Willner,d G. Rauhut e
B6 Does the “reef structure” on the ozone transition state towards the dissociation exist? New arguments for the shape of the PES from accurate calculations and spectra analyses  V. Tyutereva, R. Kochanovab, A.Barbea, E.Starikovaab,  M.R. De Backera,   A.Camparguec, S.Kassic, D.Mondelainc, P.Szalayd, S. Tashkunb
B7 A computed line list for hot H2CO A. F. Al-Refaie, S. N. Yurchenko, J. Tennyson, A. Yachmenev
B8 Highest resolution FTIR spectroscopy of indene (C9H8) and indane (C9H10) with synchrotron radiation   Sieghard Alberta, Philippe Lerchb, Martin Quacka
B9 High sensitivity Cavity Ring Down spectroscopy of 18O enriched carbon dioxide between 5851 and 6690 cm-1 E. V. Karlovetsa,b, A. Camparguea, D. Mondelaina, S. Kassia, S. A. Tashkunb, V. I. Perevalovb 
B10 High resolution infrared spectrum of the 16O16O18O ozone isotopologue recorded by FTS in the 4300-6000 cm-1 spectral range: analyses of two new bands.  A. Barbea, M.-R. De Backera, X. Thomasa, Vl. G. Tyutereva, E. N. Starikovaa,b
B11 Rotational spectrum and conformational preferences of the 6-carbon cetose sugar of fructose E. J. Cocineroa, A. Lesarrib, P. Écijaa, A. Cimasc, B. G. Davisd, F. J. Basterretxeaa, J. A. Fernándeza, F. Castañoa
B12 High resolution IR diode laser spectroscopy of the C=O stretching mode of glycolaldehyde T. R. Huet a, B. Lemoinea
B13 Core mass non-adiabatic corrections to rovibrational states L. G. Diniza, J. R. Mohallema, A. Alijahb
B14 IR spectroscopy of H2O, CO2 and CO confined in nanoporous silica aerogel Yu. N. Ponomarev, T. M. Petrova, A. M. Solodov, A. A. Solodov
B15 Ro-vibrational analysis of several infrared bands of [3]-radialene C. Wrighta, J.W. Niblera, A. Weberb, A. Makic, T.A. Blaked
B16 Excited states of rubidium dimer observed in double resonance experiments A. Drozdova1*, P. Crozet1  G. Wannous1, A. J.  Ross1, Y. Guan2, E. Ahmed2, X. Han2,3, X. Dai3,  and A. M. Lyyra2
B17 Orientation of water in molecular complexes from the rotational spectra of the H217O species W. Caminati, L. Evangelisti, G. Feng, Q. Gou, G. Guidetti
B18 Ab initio calculations of infrared ro-vibrational spectra for nitric acid A. I. Pavlyuchkoa,b, S. N. Yurchenkob, J. Tennysonb
B19 Ab initio calculations of the vibrational spectrum of ethylene A.I. Pavlyuchkoa,b, A. Y. Yachmenevb, S. N. Yurchenkob, J. Tennysonb
B20 On the n-mode representation of the rotation-vibration Hamiltonian in curvilinear  internal coordinates and the Eckart frame A. Yachmeneva, S. N. Yurchenkoa
B21 Frequency analysis of the 10 μm region of the ethylene spectrum using the D2h top data system M.-T. Bourgeois,a M. Rotger,a M. Tudorie,b J. Vander Auwera,b V. Boudonc
B22 Gyroscopic destabilization in a polyatomic molecule revealed by gas phase high-resolution THz spectroscopy A. Cuisseta, M. A. Martin-Drumela, G. Moureta, F. Hindlea, O. Piralib, D. A. Sadovskiia
B23 A new semi-confocal high-resolution FTMW spectrometer C. Medcraft,a,b, T. Betza,b,c, M. Schnella,b,c
B24 A benchmark of DFT methods for the prediction of rotational and vibrational spectra of difluoromethane N. Tasinatoa
B25 PFI-ZEKE photoelectron spectra of H2O+ in the first excited electronic state C. Lauzina, B. Gans, F. Merkt
B26 Vibronic and cation spectroscopy of rotamers of 4-chloro-3-fluorophenol W.-B. Tzeng
B27 Rydberg states of alkali atoms on helium nanodroplets: Screening effects of a nanosized helium dielectric F. Lacknera, G. Kroisa, W. E. Ernsta
B28 Alkali – alkaline earth diatomics on helium nanodroplets: Spectroscopy of LiCa and RbSr F. Lacknera, G. Kroisa, J. Pototschniga, W. E. Ernsta
B29 Fourier transform microwave spectroscopy of the N2-ethylene oxide and N2-dimethyl ether complexes: Intramolecular motion Y. Kawashimaa, E. Hirotab
B30 3D Potential energy surface and collisional excitation of 23Na35Cl by He Yu. N. Kalugina
B31 Rydberg resonances in photofragmentation of H2: From spectroscopy to collisions J. Zs. Mezeia,b, I. F. Schneidera,c, Ch. Jungena
B32 On the choice of modals basis set to describe vibrational wave functions A. Ilmanea,  P. Cassam-Chenaïa, M. Reyb
B33 Aluminium oxide and magnesium oxide, an ab initio study A. T. Patrascu, S. N. Yurchenko, J. Tennyson
B34 Exomol: molecular line lists for astrophysical applications. An ab initio study of the eight lowest electronic states of chromium hydride  M. Gorman, L. Lodi, S. N. Yurchenko, J. Tennyson
B35 The role of the Au (nπ*) state in the photophysics of pyrazine: a quantum dynamics study M. Salaa, B. Lasorneb, F. Gattib, S. Guérina
B36 Simulation of the Raman spectrum of CO2 through an algebraic approach M. Sánchez-Castellanosa, R. Lemusa,  M. Carvajalb, F. Pérez-Bernalb, J.M. Fernándezc
B37 A new ab initio potential energy surface for ethylene T. Delahayea, M. Reya, A. Nikitinb, P. G. Szalayc, and V. G. Tyutereva
B38 Improved empirical potential for the ground state of Be2 V. V. Meshkova, A. V. Stolyarova, R. J. Le Royb
B39 Tunable diode laser based absorption spectroscopy for line strength measurements of CO2 at 2.7 µm – traceability and uncertainty assessment  A. Pogánya, O. Otta, O. Werhahna, V. Eberta,b