2012 First Semester

Date Speaker Title
2012-June-24 István Szabó Calculated spectra of C2 molecule
2012-May-17 Jonathan Tennyson Reactive scattering
2012-May-10 István Szabó One-photon absorption intensities II.
2012-Feb-09 István Szabó One-photon absorption intensities I.
2012-Jan-19 Gábor Czakó QCT: initial conditions
2012-Jan-12 Csaba Fábri Eckart embedding
2012-Jan-05 Tamás Szidarovszky Resonances

2012 Second Semester

Date Speaker Title

2013 First Semester

Date Speaker Title
2013-May-09 István Szabó Reaction dynamics
2013-May-02 Tibor Furtenbacher Spectroscopic networks
2013-Apr-25 Csaba Fábri DEWE and perturbative approximations
2013-Apr-18 János Sarka MSc thesis
2013-Apr-11 Csaba Fábri Reaction kinetics II
2013-Apr-04 Csaba Fábri Reaction kinetics I
2013-Mar-21 Csaba Fábri Nuclear spin statistics, selection rules
2013-Mar-14 Nóra Dénes Bolyai presentation
2013-Mar-07 Edit Mátyus Pre-BO theory II
2013-Feb-28 Edit Mátyus Pre-BO theory I
2013-Feb-21 Csaba Fábri CH4F-
2013-Feb-14 Tamás Szidarovszky Semiclassical theory II
2013-Feb-07 Tamás Szidarovszky Semiclassical theory I
2013-Jan-31 Gábor Czakó Reaction dynamics III: product analysis

2013 Second Semester

Date Speaker Title
2013-Dec-23 Csaba On the use of contracted basis sets for the nuclear motion problem
2013-Dec-12 Tamás Derivation of the anomalous angular momentum commutation relations in rotating coordinate systems
2013-Dec-5 Tibor TBA
2013-Nov-28 Nóri Evaluation of thermodynamic properties of water in the ideal gas state
2013-Nov-21 Tamás Semiclassical 3: Applications
2013-Nov-14 Jani Astructural molecules
2013-Nov-7 Tamás Functional analysis: introduction to bra-vectors, scattering- and resonance states
2013-Oct-24 --- MTA Physical Chemistry meeting (ELTE)
2013-Oct-17 --- AMMB meeting (Mátrafüred)
2013-Oct-10 Péter FEAST algorithm
2013-Oct-03 Dóri Forced unfolding of ß-sheets aided by first-layer water molecules
2013-Sep-26 István Dynamics of the F- + CH3Cl --> Cl- + CH3F reaction: PES development and QCT calculations
2013-Sep-19 Gábor Reaction dynamics 4: Rotational and thermal sampling

2014 First Semester

Date Speaker Title
2014-May-27 Dóri Model resonance problems
2014-May-20 István Embedding dependence of the (ro)vibrational intensities
2014-Apr-22 --- Spring holiday
2014-Apr-15 Viktor Eckart conditions revisited
2014-Apr-8 Jani Simple models for the motions of H5+
2014-Apr-1 Péter Introduction to geometric algebra
2014-Mar-25 István High-accuracy rovibronic energy levels of the C2 molecule
2014-Mar-18 Tibor Distribution functions in complex networks
2014-Mar-11 Tamás Grid-based empirical improvement of molecular potential energy surfaces
2014-Mar-4 --- Attila traveling
2014-Feb-25 Gábor ZPE-constrained QCT: Applications to the water dimer and trimer

2014 Second Semester

Date Speaker Title
2014-Dec-22 LMSD Christmas
2014-Dec-15 ---
2014-Dec-8 Jani The nostore Lánczos-algorithm
2014-Dec-1 ---
2014-Nov-24 István SN2 reactions without inversion?
2014-Nov-17 Péter Eigenvalues of spectroscopic networks
2014-Nov-10 Demeter Attila The simple art of averaging
2014-Nov-3 Gábor Rotational mode specificity in polyatomic reactions
2014-Oct-27 Fall Break
2014-Oct-20 Dóri ​​4-atomic van der Waals complexes as possible candidates for future resonance computations

Ferenc Török (1929 - 1981)

Ferenc Török was born in Pécs, Hungary in 1929. He started his university studies in 1947 in the Department of Chemistry of Eötvös University and received his MSc degree in 1952. The same year he became the co-worker of Professor Béla Lengyel at the Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the same institute. Ferenc Török received his first higher degree in chemistry (Candidate of Chemical Science) in 1960. He was member of the Inorganic Chemistry Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences from 1962, and later became the leader of its theoretical chemistry division. He received another MSc degree in 1967, this time in applied mathematics. He received his second higher degree in chemistry (Doctor of Chemical Sciences) in 1970 and became professor of chemistry at the Department of General and Inorganic Chemisrty of Eötvös University in 1971.
Ferenc Török made important contributions to several fields of chemistry: organosilicon chemistry, vibrational (infrared and Raman) spectroscopy, polymer sciences, and, most importantly, molecular quantum chemistry.
Ferenc Török was a generous, mild-mannered person whose profound ideas and suggestions became cornerstones for several scientific inquiries. Many of his students owe much of their professional career to his guidance. Perhaps the most unique achievement of Professor Török was the creation of a Hungarian school of modern structural chemistry, with a special blend of quantum chemistry and spectroscopy, a truly revolutionary idea in the early 1960's.
Beside research, Professor Török put great emphasis on teaching, as well. He contributed significantly to the reform of high-school chemistry teaching in Hungary. He co-authored, with Professor Ede Kapuy, a book entitled Electronic Structure of Atoms and Molecules, perhaps still the best Hungarian textbook on quantum chemistry.
The establishment of the Török Lecture Series in quantum chemistry at his home institution recognizes the contributions and legacy of this remarkable scientist.


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