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  • 2020-February-5

Academic Youth Prize

Tamás Szidarovszky, a member of KKRK received the Academic Youth Prize from the leaders of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The Academic Youth Prize was founded by the Secretary General of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1972 to encourage the professional work of young researchers and to acknowledge outstanding scientific achievements. ...

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  • 2019-August-29

Publication in the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters (JPCL)

As a result of a joint research project between LMSD and scientists at the University of Cologne, a paper titled Infrared Signatures of the HHen+ and DHen+ (n = 3–6) Complexes was published in the prestigious journal of JPCL. The published article contains the first experimental characterization of vibrational fundamentals of the He–X+–He (X = H, D) chromophore of the in situ prepared...

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  • 2019-August-15

Contributing to Strong Field Chemistry

research article co-authored by Tamás Szidarovszky and Attila G. Császár has been included in a virtual issue of the American Chemical Society (ACS).
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  • 2019-August-10

Participation at ISUILS 2019

Tamás Szidarovszky, a member of LMSD was invited to give a presentation at the International Symposium of Ultrafast and Intense Laser Science 2019 held in Kushiro, Japan. 
He gave a talk about...

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  • 2019-June-3

Excellent Researcher Award

Tamás Szidarovszky, a researcher of KKRK has received the "Excellent Researcher of the Institute of Chemistry, Eötvös Loránd University" award. The annual prize is awarded to a scientist of the institute, who demonstrated outstanding scientific results in the preceding year. The two publications of KKRK forming the basis of the 2019 award are titled "Direct signatures of light-induced conical intersections on the field-dressed spectrum of Na2

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